Mayor Duggan: “Today’s passage of HB 4593 is great news for Detroit and every other community that has struggled with the issue of illegal scrappers. Not only does it create an important paper trail for law enforcement, it removes many of the incentives, such as immediate cash payment, that have made it all too easy for scrappers to profit from the dismantling of our city.

This version of the bill gives us everything we asked for and is a great example of the kind of bi-partisan cooperation I expect we will see more of going forward. Speaker Jase Bolger deserves a great deal of credit for his leadership in getting this important legislation through the House, as do Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Sen. Virgil Smith and the rest of our Detroit delegation. We’re confident the Senate will concur with the changes made in the House and pass the bill tomorrow. We anticipate that Gov. Snyder will sign it as soon as Friday.” (more from WDIV 4 Detroit)