Mayor Mike Duggan said today that DDOT is now in a position to implement the largest expansion of bus service in the city at least 20 years. When fully implemented in January, the service expansion is expected to add approximately 1,500 trips per week for DDOT customers.

DDOT is rolling out six new 24-hour routes, for a total of nine 24-hour routes citywide. DDOT did not offer 24-hour service prior to 2016. DDOT is also adding five new express routes to help Detroiters get to important job centers.

More from The Detroit News:

When fully implemented, DDOT will add 1,500 trips per week for riders. The department is also hiring more than 80 drivers and plans to add another 20 buses to its fleet in the spring.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan said during a news conference outside St. John Hospital and Medical Center on Moross the formerly troubled system is finally meeting its bus schedule and initiating its largest service expansion in two decades.

“We have a third of families in this city that don’t have a car,” he said. “And today we’re making a significant step forward in providing them the level of service that they deserve.”