Duggan seeks more jobs for Detroiters
Originally published in The Detroit News, December 13, 2016

by Christine Ferretti

Detroit — With major upgrades on the horizon for the city’s roads, parks and water system, Mayor Mike Duggan wants to ensure those projects will be putting more Detroiters to work.

Duggan said he intends to amend an executive order in the coming weeks that will call for contractors and subcontractors on city-funded projects to employ a workforce that’s at least 51 percent Detroit residents. The mandate would broaden a rule already in place for publicly funded construction projects, such as the new Little Caesars Arena, so it applies within city departments as well.

“I want to put Detroiters to work rebuilding Detroit,” Duggan told The Detroit News.

Under the executive order, contractors must pay into a workforce training fund if they fail to meet hiring goals. That’s already played out in the arena project, with firms collectively racking up more than $500,000 in fines. The amendment, said Duggan, would hold city-let contracts to that same standard.

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