DETROIT – Today, the Detroit Police Officers Association, Detroit Police Lieutenants and Sergeants Association and Detroit Fire Fighters Association – which collectively represent more than 3,000 active and retired Detroit police officers and firefighters – endorsed Mike Duggan for re-election as Mayor of the City of Detroit.

“Bound by our oath to protect the citizens of the City of Detroit, the men and women of the Detroit Police Officers Association take great pride in endorsing Mayor Mike Duggan for re-election,” said Mark Diaz, president of the Detroit Police Officers Association.” His commitment to provide our great city with the very best level of public services has resonated in his actions as our Mayor during his current term in office.”

“Mayor Duggan doesn’t just pay lip service when it comes to public safety,” said Mike Nevin, president of the Detroit Fire Fighters Association. “He’s proven it to the people of Detroit and to public safety workers. We’re proud to support Mayor Duggan for re-election.”

“The men and women of the Detroit Police Lieutenants and Sergeants Association support Mayor Duggan for reelection because he knows that safer neighborhoods and continued growth are the keys to a better Detroit for all of us,” said Mark Young, president of the Detroit Police Lieutenants and Sergeants Association.

“I’m honored to have the support of the brave men and women who keep this city safe – and I pledge to continue to support them,” said Mayor Duggan. “Detroit will never reach its full potential until everyone is safe, and there’s much more work to be done. We’ll keep working together to reduce crime and improve emergency response times across our city.”

Public safety was a major focus of Mayor Duggan’s State of the City address earlier this week. In the speech, Mayor Duggan highlighted investing in new equipment and technology for police and fire, new police officers being hired, and the Neighborhood Police Program and Project Green Light building relationships between police, residents, and neighborhood businesses to keep Detroiters safe.

Emergency response times have plummeted since Mayor Duggan took office in January 2014. It used to take up to 22 minutes for an ambulance to show up for Detroit calls. Today, police, fire and EMS response times are at or below the national averages for the first time in years. The Mayor’s most recent budget also included $130 million over the next four years to ensure the city’s promises to retirees (including public safety officers) are made whole.  

Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon previously endorsed Mayor Duggan at his campaign kickoff earlier this month. Sheriff Napoleon joined other community grassroots leaders who endorse Mayor Duggan for reelection. Stay tuned over the coming weeks as the campaign releases more endorsements.

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