DETROIT – Today, the Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights (MRCC), the state’s largest skilled trades union, endorsed Mike Duggan for re-election as Mayor of the City of Detroit.

“The Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights is proud to endorse Mayor Mike Duggan for a second term,” said Mike Jackson, MRCC executive secretary-treasurer. “Mayor Duggan’s first term has been a model of good government, encouraging growth throughout the entire city and prioritizing good jobs for Detroit residents. He is working collaboratively with community leaders, the city council, labor unions, and residents to rebuild the city together. We look forward to working with him for another term.”

Last month, the MRCC announced it was participating in Mayor Duggan’s Detroit Skilled Trades Employment program. This program provides opportunities for Detroit residents to learn a skilled trade like carpentry and to then find work in that field. At least 25 percent of all new MRCC apprentices over the next decade will be Detroit residents.

“As much as I appreciate the support of the Carpenters for my reelection, I’m even more grateful for all they’re doing to help Detroit residents directly benefit from all the construction in the city,” said Mayor Duggan. “The Carpenters are creating real career opportunities for Detroit residents through their partnership with the city.”

“Over the course of his first term, our union has seen hundreds of Detroit residents rebuilding Detroit and we see more work throughout the entire city on the horizon,” said Lisa Canada, MRCC political and legislative director. “Our members aren’t just proud to be working in the city, though, they are proud to be living in the city. Neighborhoods are safer. Businesses are returning. And our members know that Mayor Duggan’s first term was just the beginning.”

The Carpenters’ endorsement highlights new jobs and opportunities coming back to the City of Detroit. In 2016 alone, 11,000 more Detroiters were working than the year before. Unemployment in Detroit is also at its lowest point since 2001.

“Every great turnaround starts with jobs,” said Toney Stewart, MRCC director. “Hundreds of our members who struggled to find work five years ago are working consistently now. And that growth will continue for Mayor Duggan’s next term. We’re proud to work with Mayor Duggan to rebuild Detroit.”

To ensure Detroiters work on new construction in the city, Mayor Duggan issued an executive order in December mandating that all publicly-funded construction in the city hire Detroit residents for at least 51 percent of their workforce. Projects that don’t meet this standard are required to pay for job training for Detroiters, to ensure Detroit residents have the skills to compete for good-paying jobs across our city and region. This order is strictly enforced by the city.

The Carpenters join a fast-growing list of endorsements for Mayor Duggan’s re-election. Last week, the city’s leading public safety unions – the Detroit Police Officers Association, Detroit Police Lieutenants and Sergeants Association and Detroit Fire Fighters Association – all endorsed Mayor Duggan for re-election. Mayor Duggan has also been endorsed by neighborhood leaders from across the city, and by Wayne County Executive Warren Evans, Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon, and Detroit Branch NAACP president Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony.

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