DETROIT – Today, 100 Detroit faith leaders endorsed Mike Duggan for reelection as Mayor of the City of Detroit.

“I am encouraged to see the improvements of our city under the leadership of our current mayor,” said Bishop Charles H. Ellis III. “Mike Duggan has very wisely engaged many stakeholders from all segments of our society to participate with him as a sounding board and a well-endowed pool of ideas, suggestions and recommendations to move Detroit forward. There is much more work to be done and I feel confident that the mayor is fully equipped and up to the remaining challenges ahead.”

The faith leaders endorsing Mayor Duggan today serve more than 30,000 Detroit residents in neighborhoods across the city. Whether it’s for spiritual guidance, food, clothing, youth programming, safety, or fellowship they have been there for the community through all of Detroit’s ups and downs.

“I want to thank Detroit’s faith community for its support, and for everything they do to change the lives of Detroiters across our city – making our city a better place to live,” said Mayor Duggan. “I look forward to continuing to work with the men and women of the faith community to build Detroit’s future together.”

“We support the mayor because he has worked with us from day one. He has come back to our churches and really listened to the needs of the faith community,” said Bishop P.A. Brooks. “Most recently, drainage fees have been a huge concern to churches all over the city, so we brought this to the mayor’s attention. He asked for our input and advice and now we are on the verge of rolling out a fair and equitable fee for storm water runoff.”

These 100 faith leaders join a wave of support from Detroit grassroots and civic leaders for Mayor Duggan. Legendary Congressman John Conyers, Jr. recently endorsed Mayor Duggan, highlighting improved city services across the city since his election.

Unions representing thousands of Detroit workers collectively have also joined the 100 faith leaders in endorsing Mayor Duggan, like Michigan’s largest skills trade union, the Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights,  Detroit’s top public safety unions, which represent Detroit police and firefighters, and UNITEHERE! Local 24 who represent thousands of hospitality workers across Detroit.

At Mayor Duggan’s re-election announcement in early February, Wayne County Executive Warren Evans, Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon, and Detroit Branch NAACP president Wendell Anthony all spoke out as strong supporters of Mayor Duggan’s re-election campaign, too.

For more information about Mayor Duggan’s campaign, please visit, or the campaign Facebook page at

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Faith Leaders Endorsing Mayor Duggan Today: 

Rev. Dr. Charles G. Adams
Rev, Charles C. Adams
Rev. Eural Alexander
Pastor Ray Anderson
Rev. Wendell Anthony
Bishop L.C. Barns
Pastor Reginald Best
Pastor Robert Bolden
Pastor John Bowers
Pastor E.L. Branch
Pastor Sterling Brewer
Bishop P.A. Brooks
Pastor Christopher Brooks
Bishop Anthony Claxton
Rev. Robert Coverson
Pastor Ricky Cranford
Pastor Leon Crawford
Pastor Michael Cunningham
Bishop Greg Davis
Pastor Harriet Davis
Rev. Raymond DeFoe
Bishop Clara-Brown Draughn
Pastor Lawerance Dunwoody
Rev. Kurt Edwards
Bishop Charles H Ellis III
Pastor Spencer Ellis
Bishop Roy Ferguson
Pastor Kenneth Flowers
Rev. Darryl Gaddy
Pastor Dewayne Gary
Apostle Sonia Green
Pastor Gary Green
Bishop Darryl Harris
Pastor Robert Harris
Bishop Percy Henderson
Pastor Joel Henderson
Pastor Zachary Hicks
Pastor Tony Hill
Rev. James Hilliard
Pastor Sean Holland
Pastor Jim Holley
Pastor Steve Hollings
Bishop Lee Jackson
Bishop Wayne T. Jackson
Pastor Corey Jackson
Pastor Nathan Johnson
Rev. Kwame Jones
Pastor Alan Jones
Pastor Victor Jones
Pastor Doug Kempton
Pastor Oscar King III
Pastor Solomon Kinloch
Pastor Keenen Knox
Pastor Chris Lambert
Pastor Allen Langford
Bishop Clarence Langston
Bishop Lawerance London
Imam Mohammad Mardini
Pastor Hervin Mayfield
Rev. Edward McCree
Bishop Andrew Merritt
Pastor Marvin Miles
Pastor Darryl Moore
Pastor Darryl Moore
Br. Sofian Nabhan
Apostle Rodney Parnell
Pastor Barry Pelt Sr.
Pastor Darren Penson
Pastor Dr. James Perkins
Pastor Isaiah Pettway
Rev. Betty Pulliam
Sayed Imam Hassan Al Qazwini
Pastor Cliff Rezney
Pastor Anne Rezney
Rev. W.J. Rideout
Bishop Tony Russell
Imam Dr, Abdelhamid Salem
Rev. Cornell Sampson, Jr.
Pastor Raymond Scott
Minister Malik Shabazz
Bishop Victor Sharpe
Rev. Larry Simmons
Rev. Brenda Smith
Pastor Robert Smith Jr.
Pastor Darryl Spires
Rev. Andre Spivey
Pastor Angela Stallworth
Pastor Anthony Starks
Rev. Samuel Stephens
Pastor Curtis Stephens
Pastor Ocie Tabb
Rev. Timothy Thomas
Rev. Terry Thomas
Pastor Willie Toone
Pastor Kevin Turman
Bishop Edgar Vann
Bishop Corletta Vaughn
Apostle Julie Ward
Pastor Marcus Ways
Bishop James Whitehead Jr.
Bishop James Williams
Pastor Eddie Williams