DETROIT – Today, the Black Slate Political Action Committee (PAC), one of Detroit’s most influential African American community organizations, endorsed Mike Duggan in his bid for a second term as mayor. The Black Slate Inc. is a long-standing political action committee that first helped elect Mayor Coleman A. Young in 1973.

“I learned from Ron Hewitt that Mike Duggan gets things done. I saw first-hand through the Unify Detroit Coalition and through his work with the Detroit Medical Center. I took notice over the years how well he works with black leaders like Warren Evans, Brenda Jones, Benny Napoleon and various community and religious leaders. Most important is Mayor Duggan is getting things done right now for residents all across this city.  Buses are running on time, our streets are lit up, parks are receiving much needed makeovers, grass is getting cut, street sweepers are out and I no longer have to worry if my trash will be picked up,” said Rev. Baye Landy of the Black Slate, Inc.

“Detroit is looking brighter and residents are confident about the Mayor’s focus and leadership. The vote of the people I know and trust the most is overwhelmingly for Mayor Duggan. Rather than fuss about what he’s not doing right for me and those I care about, I chose to join in and help him do right by us. He’s working hard to bring the city back and we can’t afford to start all over again. We’re too far along on the recovery trail! This is why the Black Slate has decided to endorse Mayor Mike Duggan for re-election,” Rev. Landy concludes.

The Black Slate, Inc. joins other highly respected political action committees, Fannie Lou Hamer PAC and the East Side Slate in endorsing Mayor Duggan’s re-election.  Collectively these organizations recognize the advancements made by Mayor Duggan to improve the quality of life in the city’s neighborhoods and to increase job training and opportunities for residents.

“It is truly an honor to receive the endorsement of The Black Slate,” said Mayor Duggan. “We’ll continue working together to make good jobs and opportunities available for everyone in our city.”

You can find other recent endorsements of Mayor Duggan on the Duggan for Detroit website.

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