City of Detroit building inspectors will begin their efforts on Feb. 1 to identify every rental property in Detroit and have them registered in compliance with city codes.  The goal of the new ordinance is to ensure that every renter in Detroit is living in a property that is safe and up to code by the middle of 2020.

Starting Feb. 1, all rental properties in the first compliance area – ZIP code 48215 on the city’s east side – will have 90 days (May 1) to get their properties registered as rentals with the city.  Under the new city rental property ordinance approved late last year by the City Council, building owners will have six months to bring their properties up to code, have them inspected and obtain a certificate of compliance from the city.

Approximately each month, a new ZIP code will be added, beginning its six-month compliance period. In the next two weeks, informational brochures will be sent to every residence in 48215 — and later to every residential address in each subsequent ZIP code just prior to the beginning of its compliance period.

Mayor Mike Duggan, Councilman Andre Spivey and the city’s buildings safety director, Dave Bell, announced the initial compliance enforcement schedule today at Dickerson Manor apartments on the city’s east side.

“Starting February 1st, we are going to start moving across the city in a systematic way to make sure that anyone who lives in a rental property is living in safe and healthy environment for their families,” Mayor Duggan said.  “As part of this new approach, we are going to support good landlords and give renters greater protection against those who are not keeping their buildings in good condition.” (Read more in The Michigan Chronicle