Proposal N, Mayor Mike Duggan’s pitch to use debt to demolish 8,000 Detroit homes and secure another 6,000 from deterioration, appears headed toward passage with a wide lead as of Wednesday evening.

The ballot proposal had more than two-thirds voter approval as of 9:50 p.m., with 71.1 percent of Detroit’s voting precincts having fully reported their results, according to the city’s ballot tracker. The margin in favor is large, with about 70 percent voting to approve Proposal N and 30 percent opposing it.

Duggan also declared victory Wednesday at noon in an impromptu news conference at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Building. The mayor called Proposal N the “result of collaboration” with City Council, which struck down a previous bond initiative last fall but voted narrowly in July for the amended version to go to voters for the final say.

Duggan called the large number of votes in favor a “vote of confidence in the administration, and we’re going to go to work.” More details on bids open to companies for the work demolishing and preserving houses will come next week, he added.

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